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Dr. Anna Nova is a creative and passionate soul, people person, happiness facilitator, researcher who teaches that happiness is a skill and guides, supports and inspires female professionals to live a self-aligned & happier & more passion driven life. Anna was awarded with the Doctor of Philosophy by the University of West London for her original contribution to knowledge in mobile collaboration and has been working as a senior software analyst & developer.

Anna's top 5 Clifton Strengths: Ideation, Positivity, Strategic, Connectedness & Achiever

Anna is a highly motivated, enthusiastic, emphatetic people person with a good mixture of creative problem solving and analytical thinking skills. Passionate about her personal and spiritual growth, keen on knowing and experiencing more while enjoying her life, and driven to add a value to her life, Anna recognised her abilities to empower, inspire, uplift and motivate people around her too.

Her life approach was shifted in 2010 when Anna had a car accident in which her vehicle landed upside-down. With regained consciousness, after a short moment, the first thought that appeared in her mind was:

"You still have a mission here..."

Nothing serious happened to her but she took it as a second chance to live differently, an opportunity to audit her own life and improve its quality in several key areas while having a full-time job. Now she is ready to help people and female professionals to do the same.

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