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Happiness is a skill worth knowing

Anna is a senior software engineer with 10+ years experience and PhD in computing

and a certified happiness facilitator since Summer 2022.

Anna's aim is to share her knowledge about happiness

with other women, especially women in Computing / IT / Tech in Surrey and London, UK (not exclusively, including all identities).

Her happiness sessions are focused on improving the happiness skill and explaining how to cultivate happiness.

How can women be happy or happier with a full-time job in  Computing / IT / Tech?

What can they improve to feel better?


We all can make our life a little happier. :)

Anna is a passionate certified happiness facilitator/trainer stimulating & empowering Women and Female Professionals (not exclusively, including all identities) to

  • Be Happier & Improve Happiness Skill using her 'Like a Diamond' Happiness Model
  • Cultivate Inner Beauty
  • Have Passionate Life
  • Keep Own Cup Full
  • Achieve Self-Acceptance
  • Appreciate Treasures within
Happiness is a Skill.png

Anna was always happy when people around her were happy. That is why she took the opportunity to learn the art and science of sustainable happiness by signing up to a certified course with the Museum Of Happiness in Summer 2022 and became a happiness facilitator. All course participants were asked to come up with their own happiness model. Anna likes conceptualising, designing, and implementing innovative artifacts so based on her research, knowledge and life experiences Anna created own holistic happiness model called 'Like a Diamond'

Happiness Journey

Step 1: Make decision to be happy/happier

(Happiness is your choice)

Step 2: Know what happiness means & how happiness skill can be improved

(Learn more about it)

Step 3: Sharing and spreading happiness around 

(Happiness is a contagious emotion)

If that sounds interesting and you wish to work with Anna, the options are:

✓ 1-2-1

small groups in Surrey, UK

✓ Anna's platform/blog


Why to work with Anna ?

Personal Approach:

  • Intuitive & Compassionate Empath

  • Warm & Friendly Approach

  • Ability to Motivate, Uplift and Inspire Others

  • Good Sense of Humour

Engineering Abilities:

  • Outstanding Analytical Skills

  • Creative Problem Solving Skills

  • Strong Ability to Recognise Details of a Process or Structure and Find What is not Working

  • 99% achieved in The General Intelligence Assessment (GIA) - an aptitude and ability test  

Authentic Creative Expressions:

  • Multi-Passionate & Artistic

  • Tools/Strategies/Approach Designer & Developer

Driven by the Desire To:

  • Create a Better & Happier World

  • Improve Inner Beauty & Abundance

  • Support Self-Discovery & Self-Acceptance

  • Recognise & Follow Passions


Happier Me with Anna

Platform created by Anna with tools, tips, journals and blog to make you happier

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