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The Precious Gift of Life - My Grandma

Booster Program
  • My Grandma Journal

  • 6 Modules

  • Great Self-Booster

  • Free 

Gardening Together
  • Do you have a special strong bound with your grandma (or grandpa)?

  • Do you love your ground parent unconditionally and to the moon and back?

  • Would you like to recognise and honor that inner part created by this bond?

Based on my strong bond with my grandma, I decided to support people who have the same amazing connection with a grandparent. This Booster program will help you to empower that inner part of you which was created by your great relationship. A digital form of 'My Grandma Journal' designed be me will support you on this journey. This journal will be a great resource for you later at anytime when needed.

Please note: The program is FREE to enter and complete. Once completed and you feel it was valuable for you, you can decide if you would like to pay for it and how much.

More Details Coming Soon

opens Soon

Small Group Program
  • 12-15 weeks program

  • Up to 12 participants

  • Great Self-Investment 

  • Doors Open Soon

  • Fun & Laugh

Lingerie Models
  • A relatively good job or business owner but something is missing?

  • Perceived by people as 'have it all' & successful woman?

  • Expected feeling of being satisfied and good enough not present?

  • Need for more joy and passion in life?


If you answered yes for most of the questions, then this program might be for you as it will help you to

  • Improve Self-Acceptance, Self-Appreciation & Self-Worth

  • Keep your Cup Full

  • Achieve More Passion driven Life

  • Be a part of this experience with like-minded women who are keen on moving forward in the same direction

It's also about the connection, communication & community of highly motivated, well educated & successful females who need a small powerful boost to see their own value


More Details Coming Soon

1 place available soon

Individual Program
  • 12 weeks program

  • Only 1 Place At Time

  • Great Self-Investment 

  • 1-2-1 Sessions

  • Fun & Laugh

Flower Girl

Everything like in the small group program plus:

  • Extra support, individual strategic sessions, more targeted content ...

  • Deeper inner work & creative tailored solutions...

  • More personalised experience...

  • Increased level of engagement...

  • Your Accountability Increased Exponentially to Achieve the Results

opens Soon

Self-Study Course
  • 3 Independent Levels

  • 7 Stages (Stage 1 Free)

  • Great Self-Investment 

  • Bonuses

  • Fun & Laugh


Feed your soul and endeavor to live each moment to the fullest. Dance like a Butterfly, invoke the butterfly energy within and enjoy your journey!

  • Level 1 - Essential (bring your focus back to you)

  • Level 2 - Vibrant (focus on you life vision & quality & next move)

  • Level 3 - Intensive (deeper inner work)

More Details Coming Soon
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