is a Skill

According to the World Health Organisation, depression is one of number one causes of disability in the whole world right now. The good news is: 'Science shows that happiness is a skill you can learn/improve'. So by learning happiness skill we can change the global mental health crisis.

Dr. Anna Nova is a certified happiness facilitator who created her own happiness framework and is enthusiastic in spreading happiness around.

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Anna always liked when people around her were happy. That is why she did not hesitate to sign up for a certified course to become a happiness facilitator with the Museum Of Happiness. The Museum of Happiness researched happiness for years and they teach the art and science of sustainable happiness. In the first course module, course participants were asked to come up with their own happiness model. Anna as a researcher, who loves to conceptualise, design, and implement innovative artefacts, got an idea to visualise her own happiness framework by using a diamond symbol so she named it 'Like a Diamond'. She worked on her happiness model for a couple of weeks and also designed a corresponding happiness workbook. The aim of the framework and workbook is to let people to explore their own happiness, learn or improve their happiness skill and unlock their happiness potential. 

So what can be the beginning of your journey to happiness?

Step 1: Decision to be happy

Step 2: Knowing what happiness means

Step 3: Sharing and spreading happiness around 

If that sounds interesting and you wish to work with Anna, the options are: