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Happiness is a Skill

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Science shows that happiness is a skill

that can be learnt and improved.

Dr. Anna Nova is a certified happiness facilitator/trainer who created her own happiness model called 'Like a Diamond' which is easy to understand and follow.

Her belief is that by learning/improving happiness skill

we can change the global mental health crisis.

Anna always liked when people around her were happy. That is why she did not hesitate to sign up for a certified course to become a happiness facilitator with the Museum Of Happiness. The art and science of sustainable happiness which they teach follow their years of happiness research. During the course, all course participants were asked to come up with their own happiness model. Anna is also a researcher who likes conceptualising, designing, and implementing innovative artifacts so she collated all information, her knowledge and life experiences and created her own happiness model by using a diamond symbol. One of Anna's passions is a graphic design so she designed a corresponding workbook. Anna got a very good feedback for the whole happiness concept, model, workbook and approach. 

Anna's happiness model and workbook let people explore their own happiness, improve their happiness skill and unlock their happiness potential. 

Happiness Journey

Step 1: Decision to be happy

Step 2: Knowing what happiness means

Step 3: Sharing and spreading happiness around 

If that sounds interesting and you wish to work with Anna, the options are:

✓ HAPPINESS Walk & Talk

My goal is to WALK around Woking, Guildford & other cities

and TALK to women about their happiness &

how they can cultivate happiness & inner beauty

 (supporting & fundraising for MIND charity JustGiving page for Mind - click here)

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