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External Links - Resources for personal development & well being

Journals  & Tools
for Personal Development

SangFroid Spirit project has been created to support personal and spiritual development and provide tools which can be used every day to empower and enrich our lives.

Products are designed by Anna.

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Sunset in Mountain

Buda Spirit

Travel & Discover

Connect to nature


Meditation music


Unique videos available on this YouTube channel
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Discover Your Dream Job

It's NOT OK to feel frustrated, unhappy or unfulfilled in your job almost every day.


Re-write your career story and build a career you love!


Zero to Dream job website can be the place to start
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Woman Working on Laptop

Chi Kung and Tai Chi

Tai Chi Class

Anna loves Chi Kung & Tai Chi. She started practising Tai Chi with Faeeza in 2010.
Tai Chi is practiced as a system of exercises which has health benefits. It helps with improving muscle tone and strength, and increasing awareness of your inner world - to let go, trust, and go with the flow.

Faeeza can assist in bringing you into a more balanced and improved state of well being.

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The Biskery

Best bespoke personalised biscuits. 
I believe that having something sweet every day contributes to happiness.
I met Lisa, the co-founder of the Biskery, and we became friends. Lisa's and Saskia's business idea was successful and they way how they operate the business (keeping needs of the team in mind) is very inspirative.
Read their story & explore the wide range of their branded & personalised biscuits
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