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Happiness, Personal &Spiritual Growth

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Transform Like a Butterfly:
Essential Level 1 - Keep Your Cup Full

(bring your focus back to you)
Vibrant Level 2 - Life Vision
(focus on your life vision & quality)
Being Unique is a Blessing
Intense Level 3 - Unique-Self Discovery
(deeper inner work)

Online Courses & Journaling

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Chi Kung and Tai Chi

Tai Chi Class

Anna loves Chi Kung & Tai Chi. She started practising Tai Chi with Faeeza in 2010.
Tai Chi is practiced as a system of exercises which has health benefits. It helps with improving muscle tone and strength, and increasing awareness of your inner world - to let go, trust, and go with the flow.

Faeeza can assist in learning new skills and exercises to use in your daily life to bring you into a more balanced and improved state of well being.

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Discover Your Dream Job

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It's NOT OK to feel frustrated, unhappy or unfulfilled in your job almost every day.


Re-write your career story and build a career you love!


Zero to Dream job website is the place to start
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