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My journaling projects & courses, artwork, thesis and digital tools/products

1-2-1 Support for Female Professional




I work 1-2-1 with 1-2 female professionals

for 12 weeks &

stimulate & support their growth at the level of vision, mission and spirit to

  • Live in Harmony with Soul
  • Have Passionate Life
  • Improve Life Quality
  • Keep Own Cup Full
  • Self-Alignment & Self-Acceptance
  • Appreciate Treasures within

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My Precious Grandma -
Discover Treasure Within Art Junk Journal

No words can express how much I loved my grandma.
After my grandma became an Angel in Heaven in Summer 2021, I started working on my art junk journal called My Precious Grandma

W.I.P. - Click Here

I designed a programme to the cultural inheritance &
treasure within...
...keep that strong bond with your grandma
alive in you...
...learn how to grow the seed she planted....

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My Artwork.PNG

My Artwork

To relax after work, I used to watch YouTube art&craft tutorials and learnt various tips, tricks and techniques.
I started with pyrography in 2014, with polymer clay sculpting in June 2015 and paintings in 2017. It is my hobby. I do not sell my artwork, most of my created items were gifts for family and friends.

My Artwork - Click Here

Digital Tools, Journals and Templates

I love graphic design. When my kids were little, I used to work as a graphic designer for a Slovak magazine. I worked for almost 2 years there and became familiar with Adobe Photoshop & InDesign.
I discovered Canva and started to create digital journals and templates.

Digital products portfolio - click here

Journal Cover Setting2 sm.png
Journal Dividers sm.png

Self Development Journaling  & Courses

Being Unique Course.PNG

Essential Level 1 - Keep Your Cup Full
(bring your focus back to you)
Vibrant Level 2 - Life Audit & Vision
(focus on your life vision & quality)
Intense Level 3 - Unique-Self Discovery
(deeper inner work)

Online Courses & Journaling

For more info click here

My Research & Phd Thesis
Mobile peer-to-peer collaboration

Web designing

Mobile phones became our digital complements and can be used for collaboration and completion of tasks in a workflow. The devices are aware of the context, location, user role, our schedule or preferences and these factors can be used to make workflow decisions. On top of it, the state of shared content or information can be used as an additional decision making factor. My original contribution in this PhD research work was incorporating these decision factors into the workflow and designed a content-driven context aware workflow language called MobWEL. This workflow language behaves as a programming language so can be used to describe and create workflows for various situations, supports multiple roles, multiple collaborators and peer-to-peer mobile interaction. Each mobile device would know only about the role-specific workflow part given to the role of the device owner and execute only tasks expected to be completed by the this person.

PhD Thesis - click here

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